July 24, 2017

Outrageous | The Short Sale Scam: Most Going to Non-Recourse States that Bar Deficiency Judgments

“But here’s the key point: 12 states are “non-recourse states.” In these states, the bank is … [Read more...]

Plotting a Securitization Sequel – Rental Payments

Now it is all clear… They are selling the foreclosures in bulk so they can securitize the … [Read more...]

Turkey vows retaliation for downing of plane by Syria

"Turkey cannot endure it in silence." Things may get even hotter for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad … [Read more...]

Adelson: I may kick in $100 million for Romney

"I know that guys like Soros have been doing it for years, if not decades." Technically, pledging up … [Read more...]

Lanny Davis blasts “vicious people working for the President”

“It may be meltdown unless they come to their senses.” Via BuzzFeed and Matt Lewis, here’s the … [Read more...]

Doctor who helped CIA catch Bin Laden convicted in Pakistan of … treason

"Allies." Thirty-three years in prison. He could have gotten death if he’d been tried under … [Read more...]

Bad news: Great new centrist-party hope can’t pick a nominee

Credibility. It was perhaps the most well-funded start to an aspirational “third party” … [Read more...]

CNN source: Obama was set to announce his gay marriage shift next week on … “The View”

Lies and charades. Whatever your feelings about Joe Biden, let’s thank him for sparing us the … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Julia. “I feel GREAT about our Julia web tool & LOVE the Repub freak-out” *** … [Read more...]

Bloomberg’s Editorial On MBS Failures – The First Time Mortgage-Backed Securities Failed

Bloomberg’s Editorial On MBS Failures It was rather amusing to read this over the weekend from … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Warrior. “The president who won the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his … [Read more...]

Paul captures 20 of 24 Minnesota delegates in CD conventions

State GOP in disarray -- and about to be evicted? It’s tough these days to be a Republican in … [Read more...]

ALEC announces the end of its non-economic task force

A progressive victory? The American Legislative Exchange Council will disband the task force that … [Read more...]

Madness? This… is… Obamanomics!

"You're on your own" vs. "We refuse to leave you alone." We won’t win the race for new jobs … [Read more...]

Paul Clement: What’s at stake here is the basic nature of our government

Powers. He’s just 45 years old, a former Solicitor General under Bush, and gave the argument … [Read more...]

Film review: The Hunger Games

Missing the mark. The Hunger Games takes audiences to a future, decades after an apocalyptic war, … [Read more...]

The fallacy of subsidized parity in energy pricing

Solardammerung, continued. Yesterday, the Washington Post told the sad tale of Germany and the rest … [Read more...]

Nerf: The gateway gun?

A typical Nerfsenal. Cam Edwards told me about this story when I made a guest appearance on his NRA … [Read more...]

The end of redevelopment in … California?

Saving money and the principle of private property. Five months ago, Reason TV put together a good … [Read more...]

Romney’s business experience a curse?

No, not really. Republicans often laud private-sector experience as a key quality for chief … [Read more...]

9-0: Supreme Court finds “ministerial exception” to job discrimination laws for religious organizations

Free exercise. When you’ve got two core First Amendment principles to guide you, even a big … [Read more...]

White Paper | In or Out of Mortgage Trouble? A Study of Bankrupt Homeowners

In or Out of Mortgage Trouble? A Study of Bankrupt Homeowners INTRODUCTION For decades, homeowners … [Read more...]

Unmistakably April Charney – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

If there was a Hall of Fame for the foreclosure crisis, and perhaps one day there will be, there is … [Read more...]

Unmistakably April Charney – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

If there was a Hall of Fame for the foreclosure crisis, and perhaps one day there will be, there is … [Read more...]

Video: Greatest Thanksgiving moment in sitcom history?

The humanity! Here’s a Thanksgiving palate cleanser for Hot Air readers, reaching back a few … [Read more...]

Perry: Yep, last time I checked, Barack Obama is still a socialist

Double-down. Barack Obama offended some when he said America has “been a little bit lazy, I … [Read more...]

A day that will live in infamy: Paul Ryan on national debt passing $15 trillion

Congratulations, America! The word came down from Treasury earlier this afternoon. Think of all the … [Read more...]

Gallup: Americans still want ObamaCare repealed

Plus, C-SPAN wants SCOTUS review televised. If America is rooting for a particular side in the most … [Read more...]

Another big Dem donor gets hundreds of millions in no-bid contract

The SEIU link. The scourge of smallpox has been all but eradicated for decades, with the only live … [Read more...]

SEIU picking pockets of families of disabled in Michigan

Great moments in unionism. Everyone knows that the unions have lost ground over the last few decades … [Read more...]

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