July 24, 2017

Bankruptcy Filings Still Falling

On a year-over-year basis, the bankruptcy filing rate has been dropping around 12-16%, and last … [Read more...]

How’s the View from Where You’re Sitting?

So, I was wondering… how’s the view from where you’re sitting these days.  Is it … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Filings Are Down — Everywhere

With half the year over, there is half of the year still to go. For our few readers who might … [Read more...]

Terrifying Foreclosure & Housing Data Points – 2.8 Million Americans are 12 Months or More Behind on their Mortgages

Fascinating Mortgage & Housing Data Points Foreclosure Details -There have been an average of … [Read more...]

We’re Being Fed a Steady Diet of Econocrap

  Where to begin, where to begin?   This past week started off with a thud when the … [Read more...]

Gallup: Social conservatism bounces up, economic conservatism steady

Choices. Interestingly, Gallup didn’t lead with the finding on social conservatism from its … [Read more...]

Has cheating gone mainstream in America?

Honor, integrity, and rational self-interest now passé? I tend to think that concerns about declines … [Read more...]

Olympia Snowe: I’m tired of this darned partisan dysfunction

“We’re not working out issues anymore, we’re working in a parallel universe.” Stick with it at least … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Filings Down 11.7% in 2011

The year-end bankruptcy statistics from Epiq Systems have arrived. There were just over 1,379,000 … [Read more...]

The Decline in Bankruptcy Filings by Chapter

Bankruptcy filings have been on the decline, but has this decline been spread differently between … [Read more...]

Gallup: Romney surges nationally

Breakout? Alternate headline: “Percentage of Republicans in Not Romney camp declines from high … [Read more...]

The Value(s) of Foreclosure Law Reform?

As Alan White reported recently, the Uniform Law Commission in the U.S. has named a committee to … [Read more...]

Arizona’s Rep. Jack Harper Says Walk Away and You’ll Pay

Arizona Representative Jack Harper has absolutely stumped the panel, as they say.  If you had asked … [Read more...]

Romney: Allegations against Cain must be “addressed seriously”

"Particularly disturbing." Was it wise for Mitt Romney to offer any opinion on Herman Cain’s … [Read more...]

Income declines for first time in two years in August

Spending flattens. Despite the high level of unemployment, wages have grown at a slow rate over the … [Read more...]

There’s Pain in Spain as Banks Go Down the Drain… Let Me Explain

Please don’t assume that this article is only about Spain, and therefore not one you should … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Filings Dropping More Rapidly Than Expected

According to the most recent data from Epiq Systems, there were 120,800 bankruptcy filings in August … [Read more...]

Omnibus Update on (Declining) Bankruptcy Filing Rates

The June bankruptcy filing figures came out while I was away, and the July figures came out a little … [Read more...]

Residential starts drop 1.5%, single-family starts drop 4.9% in July

Permits drop 3.2%. The housing market continues its struggle to find a bottom.  The Census Bureau … [Read more...]

Last person out, turn off the lights, and bring the flag…

At an annual conference attended by the world’s leading economists, the prognosis for the United … [Read more...]

88% Decline in NY Foreclosures- WOW!

Who knows exactly what the numbers are in Florida, but I expect we should see a similar percentage … [Read more...]

September’s Horrendous HAMP Numbers

The figures published by our friends within the federal government confirm what we all know … [Read more...]

Face to Face With Polished Wall Street Psychopathy

Face to Face With Polished Wall Street Psychopathy Posted on June 25, 2010 by … [Read more...]

Home sales surge amid government incentives

Home sales rose more than expected in March, reversing three months of declines, as government … [Read more...]

Asians hit worst by decline in housing market

Asians, many of them living in foreclosure-ravaged California, suffered the sharpest drop in … [Read more...]

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