August 20, 2017

Florida Condo Association Forecloses on Wells Fargo, Seeks Deficiency Judgment

Cerabino: Suburban West Palm condo association looking to turn tables on Wells Fargo Alan Meltzer … [Read more...]

Outrageous | The Short Sale Scam: Most Going to Non-Recourse States that Bar Deficiency Judgments

“But here’s the key point: 12 states are “non-recourse states.” In these states, the bank is … [Read more...]

Reuters | Old Mortgages Rise from the Dead, Haunt Homeowners

“This is an epic problem that the economy hasn’t even begun to digest,” said … [Read more...]

HB 213 | The Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act House of Representatives Staff Analysis

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES STAFF ANALYSIS BILL #: PCS for HB 213 Judicial Proceedings SPONSOR(S): … [Read more...]

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