August 17, 2017

Key Solyndra figures get red carpet treatment at Democratic convention?

My Little Cronies. Want to know what Barack Obama’s second-term agenda will be?  Looking at … [Read more...]

“Independent” watchdog on energy loans turns into big Obama donor

Hmmm. Well, well, well … what a coinky-dink.  The man who got picked to review more than $23 … [Read more...]

Poetic justice: Solyndra’s glass tubes now part of a modern art exhibit

The fate of taxpayer-funded clean energy. The erstwhile solar company Solyndra, you’ll … [Read more...]

DOE loan chief warned staff that personal e-mail could be subpoenaed

Sketch. Tuesday, the Washington Post reported on documents showing that Jonathan Silver, the former … [Read more...]

E-mails show Chu, DoE staffers claiming “total victory” over WH skeptics of green-tech subsidies program

Smoking gun, or just a banana peel? Last night, the Washington Post published an exclusive on the … [Read more...]

Bombshell: Obama chief of staff Daley briefed on Solyndra concerns six months before bankruptcy

Before illegally restructuring the loan? The Solyndra scandal took a big step up the ladder today, … [Read more...]

Wow: Dept of Energy still defending their ghastly failure of a loan guarantee program

...Seriously? Because why admit defeat, cut their (our!) losses, and quit trying to pick economic … [Read more...]

DOE Secretary Chu: The U.S. must make electric cars more affordable

Uhm, must we? Ugh, the never-ceasing folly of central planning in all of its hybridized forms! This … [Read more...]

Yet another DOE-backed solar panel company bites the dust

Wow, Obama's "investments" are just doing so much for the taxpayers' portfolio! Good grief. I feel … [Read more...]

Oh, goody: More DOE green-energy “investments” on the way

Recipients include already-bailed-out General Motors. Tuesday, the Department of Energy announced … [Read more...]

House votes, again, to delay enforcement of traditional light bulb ban

"'We don't need no stinkin' badges. We’re the energy police.'" Last night, the House approved of two … [Read more...]

House GOP: This Solyndra investigation is like “pulling teeth”

The stonewalling continues. I like that Solyndra has shown staying power in the political narrative … [Read more...]

Green energy firm secured millions in taxpayer funding, now faces SEC investigation

Obama, Chu praised company Green energy firm Ecotality won plaudits from President Obama and Energy … [Read more...]

Chu: I give myself another A on gas prices

Grade inflation redux. That report card from the Department of Energy is starting to look pretty … [Read more...]

GAO shows grade inflation at the Department of Energy

85% failure rate = A-minus? Remember this moment from two weeks ago?  Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) … [Read more...]

DOE awards Philips $10 million for creating a $50 “green” light bulb

Dim. Department of Energy competition: $10 million Philips “affordable” … [Read more...]

Chu: I give myself an A-minus on managing taxpayer investments

Grade inflation. Consider this your spit-take moment of the day.  After overruling Department of … [Read more...]

Video: House committee voting tomorrow to subpoena WH officials over Solyndra

Deadline. Looks like Fred Upton has run out of patience with the White House on Solyndra, where a … [Read more...]

Friday night doc dump: WH knew before Solyndra workers flew

Murk 2010. Two months ago, Congressional investigators discovered that the Department of Energy … [Read more...]

CBS: Obama admin spent $6.5 billion on risky green-tech ventures; Update: Obama proposes to save less than half in org consolidation

"Not even a good junk bond." We already know that the Obama administration’s stimulus-funded … [Read more...]

Democrats debate amongst themselves: Should we curb natural gas exports?

Led by this guy, natch. It was only just a matter of time. When the U.S. became a net exporter of … [Read more...]

Whip Kevin McCarthy: Secretary Chu needs to scoot

And not let the door hit him on his way out. In congressional testimony yesterday, Department of … [Read more...]

Rahm Emanuel: No, those e-mails don’t jog my memory about Solyndra

Amnesia. In case you missed it (and it was designed to miss), the White House on Friday released … [Read more...]

Did DoE mislead investors, Congress on Solyndra?

Desperation. I picked on the Washington Post’s reporting earlier today, so let’s give … [Read more...]

Probe demanded on $730 million Energy Dept loan to Russian-owned steel company in MI

Picking winners and losers ... in a mature market? In June, the Department of Energy gave a … [Read more...]

“Monster” levels of greenhouse gases in 2010?

And yet ... Let’s see if you can figure out why this might not be the kind of news that … [Read more...]

Solyndra execs feasted while taxpayers got roasted; Update: Committee approves subpoena power on Solyndra

Did the White House consider a Solyndra bailout? Taxpayers lost $535 million in subsidies to … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two (More) Bankruptcies

It was the greenest of times, it was the reddest of ink. Stop me if this sounds familiar.  The … [Read more...]

Good news: Solyndra violated terms of Energy Dep’t loan — but loan was restructured anyway

The $168 million decision. Why not? If we’re going to reward failure, we might as well stick … [Read more...]

New DoE loans favor even more Democratic donors

Including George Kaiser again? Earlier today, I noted that one of the new loans approved by the … [Read more...]

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