August 22, 2017

Turkey vows retaliation for downing of plane by Syria

"Turkey cannot endure it in silence." Things may get even hotter for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad … [Read more...]

Canada, France, Germany, Australia to expel Syrian diplomats over Houla slaughter

Entire families shot in their homes by Assad's forces. Remember when the Obama administration … [Read more...]

Gingrich to the NRA: It’s time to make the right to bear arms a universal human right at the UN

"The Second Amendment is an amendment for all mankind and an amendment which will improve all … [Read more...]

Poll: Obamateurism of the Year, Flight 4

Toast. We’re up to Flight 4 in our year-end search for the Obamateurism of the Year! … [Read more...]

Yemen dictator Saleh resigns … in Saudi Arabia

Immunity for abdication. Why not in Saudi Arabia?  Riyadh seems to be pulling strings all over the … [Read more...]

Video: Qaddafi son captured in Libya

Will he make it to the ICC? The last possible rally figure in Libya for the deposed regime of … [Read more...]

Good news: Libya embraces shari’a law while Islamists are poised to win big in Tunisian elections

Springtime. No worries. It’s moderate shari’a. “Any law that violates sharia is … [Read more...]

Rep. Landry: Does Obama still deserve Peace Prize after “amount of people he has killed”?

Questions. Rep. Jeff Landry (R-La.) recently revived the question of whether President Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Obama touts foreign policy successes in his address to the United Nations

"This is how the international community is supposed to work." In his address to the U.N. General … [Read more...]

Qaddafi child claimed dead a doctor in Tripoli?

Great grades for a dead infant. Remember the 1986 raid ordered by Ronald Reagan on Tripoli in … [Read more...]

Qaddafi to supporters: “Go cleanse all of Tripoli — clear it of the rats”; Update: Journalists held hostage? Update: Freed?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Rebel fighters overran Moammar Qaddafi’s compound in … [Read more...]

Obama: Qaddafi’s rule is over, but the Libyan mission isn’t

On to the transition. In his 2 p.m. statement this afternoon, the president confirmed the apparent … [Read more...]

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