July 22, 2017

Christie on Pelosi’s ‘obstructionist’ lamentations: “She’s part of the problem”

Called out. It gets pretty galling hearing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi constantly bemoaning … [Read more...]

Video: MKH and O’Reilly go after each other on mandatory sentencing

Only the headline is in third person. I won’t make a habit of posting my own video clips, but … [Read more...]

Ginsburg: Expect “sharp disagreement” in SCOTUS rulings

Decision points Sometimes, if you have nothing to say, it’s probably best to say nothing at … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Moderation. “Ronald Reagan would have, based on his record of finding accommodation, finding … [Read more...]

Sessions: “No confidence” Taxmageddon will get addressed before election

"Not talking about a major disagreement." Earlier today, I participated in a conference call with … [Read more...]

Report Shows Treasury Disagrees With Loan Mod Decisions at Chase, Wells & BofA – Requires Servicers to Make Changes Going Forward

You may not know this because it’s not been well publicized, but each month the Treasury Department … [Read more...]

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