August 18, 2017

Freddie Mac Extends Mortgage Relief To Borrowers Affected By Hurricane Isaac

Freddie Mac Extends Mortgage Relief To Borrowers Affected By Hurricane Isaac PR Newswire MCLEAN, … [Read more...]

The Megabillions Tax Claims Facing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Megabillions Tax Claims Facing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac We all know that the foreclosure … [Read more...]

Has housing hit a bottom?

Or is it just another mirage? Four years ago, the housing market collapsed as the artificial bubble … [Read more...]

Don’t hold your breath for new gun laws

"Public sentiment had swung" We’ve already seen the sadly inevitable rush to capitalize on the … [Read more...]

The Navy’s “Great Green Fleet” sets sail

See, it's green, because it costs so much money. Okay, just to establish the lay of the land here: … [Read more...]

Glorious: Texas bank to launch constitutional challenge to Dodd-Frank

Excellent. With every fiber of my being, I detest the woefully-orchestrated, unbearably intrusive … [Read more...]

Tom Barrett: Oh, hey, it’s totally fine that Obama abandoned me here in Wisconsin

"I think there are some that want to make it a national election." I think he’s telling the … [Read more...]

Romney up 4 in new Rasmussen tracking poll

Consumer confidence sinks five points overnight. Coincidence?  Twenty-four hours after a jobs report … [Read more...]

Video: Deval Patrick heroically shields Elizabeth Warren from having to explain her ancestry nonsense

"On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth, we don't care about that subject." As smug and … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Romney wins a 3-way race with Obama, Paul

Hmmmm. Earlier in this cycle, Republican fretted that Ron Paul could go rogue and run as an … [Read more...]

Excerpt: At Goldman Sachs Servicer, ‘Total Disaster’

Excerpt: At Goldman Sachs Servicer, 2018Total Disaster’ by Paul Kiel ProPublica Answers to … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Etchings. “I’ve been thinking about this all night: Eric Fehrnstrom’s Etch A Sketch gaffe … [Read more...]

One year later, Libya mess spreading guns and violence into Mali

A disaster for Western credibility. On Sunday, the one-year anniversary of the declaration by Barack … [Read more...]

“End of the Road – How Money Became Worthless.” Teaser Video

Is the financial crisis over, or are we heading towards disaster? End of The Road portrays eleven … [Read more...]

Hamas, Palestinian Authority meet in Cairo to form unity government

What happens next? Good news, or disaster?  Perhaps the venue will give us a hint: Palestinian … [Read more...]

NY Times Video | Gretchen Morgenson on Lender Processing Services’ DOCX Criminal Indictements

A major foreclosure services company is indicted for “robo-signing,” even as a multibillion-dollar … [Read more...]

Lieutenant colonel breaks ranks: Afghanistan is a disaster, claims report

"I witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level." Read it if you haven’t already … [Read more...]

Kerry Kennedy’s undisclosed interest in a court crusade against Chevron Update: Kerry Kennedy responds

Hired shill. Oh, Kerry Kennedy, ex-wife of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, daughter of the late Robert F. … [Read more...]

Report | Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative

Overview Federal law requires the NOC to provide situational awareness and establish a common … [Read more...]

Noted historian claims failure to make VA ballot a lot like … Pearl Harbor

Disaster. I’ve spent this morning trying to come up with a “Tora! Tora! Tora!” … [Read more...]

PR experts: Occupy movement a self-defeating disaster

“The whole world is watching. And it’s generally repulsed." The Occupy Movement succeeded early in … [Read more...]

Did DoE mislead investors, Congress on Solyndra?

Desperation. I picked on the Washington Post’s reporting earlier today, so let’s give … [Read more...]

Gretchen Morgenson | A Fraudclosure Settlement That Wouldn’t Sting

“One of the oddest terms is that the banks would give $1,500 to any borrower who lost his or … [Read more...]

Only One Paycheck Away from Disaster… No kidding, really? Go figure.

Okay, so I’m sitting here having my morning coffee and I come across Naked Capitalism’s post about a … [Read more...]

Americans are Innumerate and Broke

And not just the ones I tell stories about from my clinical law teaching.  Some of our readers have … [Read more...]

So our AAA credit rating is safe now, right?

Not so fast there, skippy. “The storm has passed!” “Disaster has been … [Read more...]

Mandelman’s Overview of Economic News That Matters

I don’t usually post this type of post, mostly because I think there are lots of other sites … [Read more...]

How to Tell Legitimate Loan Modification Firm from an Illegal Operation or Scam… The FTC’s New Bright Line MARS Rule

How can you tell what is legitimate loan modification assistance from what is offered by a … [Read more...]

ID THEFT: Example of one person’s response

Editors’ Note: In response to my post on ID THEFT I received a number of comments and ideas. … [Read more...]

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