September 20, 2017

WI federal court rules on Walker’s union law

Most but not all upheld Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s high profile union initiatives made … [Read more...]

Cheesehead Wars

It's come to this We’re quickly running out of football season, much to my dismay, but … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Doubt. “Republicans are more conservative than at any time since their 1980 dismay about … [Read more...]

NLRB Chairman excoriates lone GOP member

GOP member willing to resign? National Labor Relations Board Chairman Mark Pearce is not happy with … [Read more...]

Defeat the Florida un(Fair) Foreclosure Act

The banking lobby just simply has no shame. Are you kidding me? They name a bill the "Florida Fair … [Read more...]

NY Ninth Congressional District special election is a horse race; Update: 42/42?

anti-weiner The seat in New York’s Ninth Congressional District vacated by Anthony Weiner is due to … [Read more...]

The Fannie Mae/Ben Ezra Fiasco- Another Taxpayer Funded Divorce

Like many of you, I learned with dismay that Fannie Mae abruptly terminated its relationship with … [Read more...]

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