July 24, 2017

Action Alert | Florida Senior Judges to Violate Due Process Rights of Citizens Facing Fraudclosure Return as Early as Next Week!

FORECLOSURE FRAUD BY ROBO-SIGNING RETIRED JUDGES Just when you thought the Florida budget could take … [Read more...]

Price Check | An Example of the Cost of Securitization Fail and Fraudclosure to Retirement Funds, Pensions & Municipalities

Price Check A particularly determined opponent of fraudclosures refused to allow his constitutional … [Read more...]

Justice Department Levies Fines for Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Violations

Well, at least our government is serious about holding banks accountable when the violate the rights … [Read more...]

5th DCA Opinion- Due Process Rights Violated When No Notice

Think of how many things happen in foreclosure cases with no notice to the opposing party…..my … [Read more...]

Only 13 Million Foreclosures in The US

So just how big is the foreclosure problem?  That’s a question economists, policy makers and … [Read more...]


The recent announcements that BofA and GMAC are moving forward with their foreclosure files, some of … [Read more...]

New strategy attacks validity of affidavits

Foreclosure Crisis New strategy attacks validity of affidavits August 26, 2010 hen it comes to … [Read more...]

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