August 20, 2017

White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Richard Lawson Selected As Bondi’s Florida Economic Crimes Director

Gardner Brewer Martinez-Monfort Attorney Richard Lawson Selected As Florida Economic Crimes Director … [Read more...]

David Dayen | IG Report Whitewashes Firing of Foreclosure Fraud Investigators in Florida

“Why were so many attorneys defending targets of investigations talking to the head of the … [Read more...]

Florida AG, Pam Bondi, Takes Orders, Money from Fraudclosure Firm

  Florida AG Takes Orders, Money from Fraudclosure Firm Of course, we know those denials are … [Read more...]

Public Records Request FROM FL AG Employees TO LPS

Public Records Request FROM FL AG employees TO LPS Pursuant to Florida’s public records Statute … [Read more...]

Another Bondi Bombshell? | Assistant Attorney General Andrew Bennett Spark “Resigns” (Fired?) after Blasting Department

  Assistant attorney general resigns after blasting department An assistant attorney general in the … [Read more...]

Daily Business Review | Attorneys’ Ouster from Bondi’s Office Called Political (MUST READ)

June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards Photo by Melanie Bell Attorneys’ ouster from AG’s … [Read more...]

Robo-signed | Bondi’s Director of The Economic Crimes Division, Richard Lawson, Victim of Multiple LPS/DOCX Satisfations of Mortgage w/ MERS Bonus Surprise

Oh the irony. BWAHAHHAAHAAHAAA… Sorry that laugh slipped out. This is a serious matter… … [Read more...]

Bondi’s Firings of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards Need to be Investigated

But think of the message it sends. Get on the right side of these things or get a new job – and in … [Read more...]

Is New Director of Bondi’s Economic Crimes Division, Richard “DICK” Lawson, Defending Lender Processing Services & the Foreclosure Mills?

Lawson told the News Service on Wednesday that he did indeed ask about those two companies, after … [Read more...]

More Investigating of the Foreclosure Mills—SIGH

The Florida attorney general’s office has confirmed the names of three law firms added to its … [Read more...]

Florida’s Attorney General Report on Fraudclosure- ECONOMIC CRIMES DIVISION

The name says it all.  Florida Attorney General.  Economic CRIMES Division.  Hat tip to … [Read more...]

Florida Attorney General Investigates- Should Judges Shut Down The Foreclosure Mills?

The announcement yesterday that Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum is investigating the … [Read more...]

Florida Law Firms Subpoenaed Over Foreclosure Filing Practices

Even though this is 18 months late, it's a positive sign that the Florida Attorney General is … [Read more...]


Sometimes the screams of attorneys and activists who are protesting the conduct of the foreclosure … [Read more...]

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