July 23, 2017

Video: Millions of Americans are suffering through an economic depression, says … Joe Biden? Update: Neither candidate has economic plan, says Fox News poll

Messaging. BuzzFeed’s getting linked for this at Drudge, but they’re not the ones who … [Read more...]

New residential home sales fall 7.1% in March; Update: USA Today predicts “subpar” economic growth this year

But inventory down as well. The string of bad economic news to close out Q1 continued today with the … [Read more...]

Obama: Why, these Republicans are licking their chops over higher gas prices

"They greet bad news so enthusiastically." One of the many nice things about having a Republican … [Read more...]

Meanwhile, on the “Holder Should Resign” ranch…

The chorus grows In the heat of a primary contest, endless debates and the rest of the bad economic … [Read more...]

Consumer Spending Up? Come on get happy…

Wow, when it comes to our economy, what a difference a month or so makes, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, … [Read more...]

Unexpectedly expected – Jobless Claims Fall to 409K

Will job hunt for food Our regular host for the weekly initial jobless claims analysis is winging … [Read more...]

Mandelman’s Overview of Economic News That Matters

I don’t usually post this type of post, mostly because I think there are lots of other sites … [Read more...]

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