August 21, 2017

EU Update (And FI Reality)

If you've been tuning out the Euro situation, despite Gelpern's periodic updates, … [Read more...]

Why Don’t Economists Read the Legal Literature?

When I read economics articles, I'm often struck by the absence of citations to the legal … [Read more...]

Reputational Sanctions in an Age of Internet Manipulation?

A major argument against substantive regulation of industries (including consumer finance) is that … [Read more...]

The Permanent Foreclosure Crisis and Obama’s Refinancing Obsession

For the umpteenth time, President Obama has announced that his solution to the foreclosure crisis is … [Read more...]

The Value(s) of Foreclosure Law Reform?

As Alan White reported recently, the Uniform Law Commission in the U.S. has named a committee to … [Read more...]

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: US Economy Edition

The Administration seems to have cut a deal to extend the payroll tax cut, which is a smart economic … [Read more...]

William Black will be in Zucotti Park Today Oct 25th Talking with Members of #OWS Movement

Time Tuesday, October 25 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm Location zucotti park Created By New Economic … [Read more...]

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