July 24, 2017

No government-shutdown showdown in the Congressional cards this year

Crisis averted, or something. Because nobody likes high-profile funding fisticuffs in an important … [Read more...]

SMOD Alert (with live webcast)

Passing in the night For those who missed it in the headlines yesterday, a bit of a combination … [Read more...]

Video: Blitzer rips Obama for skipping NAACP convention

More incompetence from Team Obama. Hey, one Presidential candidate cared enough about the … [Read more...]

President Obama, Bored With the Foreclosure Crisis. That Explains A Lot, Actually.

  Jean Braucher is the Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law at the University of Arizona law … [Read more...]

Fighting Foreclosure Fatigue

Folks in Washington tell me there is a general sense of “foreclosure fatigue” in our nation’s … [Read more...]

Ed Rendell astroturfs anti-Romney “protest”

Undisclosed locations It’s an election year, so ’tis the season for dirty tricks. … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Lawlessness. Mr. Obama said that he was changing the deportation policy because “it’s … [Read more...]

Are contempt charges a game of Capitol Hill chicken? Update: Boehner’s office says “no daylight” between Issa, GOP leadership

Balance-of-power hygiene. Yesterday, the White House denounced the threat from the House Committee … [Read more...]

Will Hillary hit the reset button for 2016?

The empty bench. Will she or won’t she? Normally, one would expect the focus in an election … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Hardball. If past incumbents have been reluctant to directly engage opponents this early in an … [Read more...]

Labor Dep’t drops regulations banning kids from working on farms other than parents’

Hands off. Alternate headline: “Obama administration decides against picking pointless, hugely … [Read more...]

Your tax tuition dollars at work

Studious One thing is for sure this election year… we’re going to be investing more in … [Read more...]

Bad news: Taliban suspends peace talks with U.S. that were never going anywhere anyway

Plus: Karzai calls for U.S. troops to pull back to bases next year. Oddly enough, this might not be … [Read more...]

Senate falls four votes short of overturning Obama’s Keystone pipeline rejection

Moral victory. Don’t be discouraged. Sixty votes was always unlikely given that Reid and the … [Read more...]

The pivot that would help Rick Santorum

Accentuate the positive. Rick Santorum is resonating with voters because he is committed and … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Priorities. “President Obama pledged on Tuesday night to use government power to balance the … [Read more...]

“THIS IS IOWA!” or “Madness”

Not quite 300 Happy New Year, Hot Air! One of my resolutions is to post more and with an election … [Read more...]

Obama Defies Republicans, Plans to Bypass Congress and Install Richard Cordray as Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Obama defies Republicans with consumer agency pick (Reuters) – President Barack Obama plans to … [Read more...]

George Will: Be of good cheer, conservatives

Things are looking up, whether you believe it or not Columnist George Will is starting off 2012 on a … [Read more...]



Obama Considering Expansion of Cash for Keys With Taxpayer Money

Editor’s Note: It seems to me that this concedes the battle to Wall Street. It encourages … [Read more...]

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