July 20, 2017

Who’s up for an 8000 word piece on the early love life of Barack Obama? (Updated)

A true story of sex, lies, and self-obsession. David Maraniss has a very long, occasionally … [Read more...]

Fighting the War in the Halls of Justice

Below is an excerpt from attorney Matt Weidner. He's one of the good guys and he knows his stuff. I … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Fraud North by Northwest with Attorney Shawn Newman, A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Shawn T. Newman of Olympia, Washington is a highly experienced lawyer who fights for the rights of … [Read more...]

4closureFraud.org Featured in the Florida Bar News | Who owns the note? Paperwork problems still plague foreclosure actions

Never thought we would have been featured in the Florida Bar News in a positive light, but hey, … [Read more...]

A Crush on Matt Taibbi and a Pox on Both Their Houses

I admit it… I’m no different that most everyone else… I’ve got a crush on Matt Taibbi of Rolling … [Read more...]

Obama Considering Expansion of Cash for Keys With Taxpayer Money

Editor’s Note: It seems to me that this concedes the battle to Wall Street. It encourages … [Read more...]

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