August 19, 2017

Bank Sends Foreclosure Notice to Woman Who Made $70K in Payments for House She Didn’t Own

Scranton woman suing bank, lawyer for not filing proper paperwork after home sale For more than … [Read more...]

Thanks a lot, USADA: Lance Armstrong faces the loss of his seven Tour de France titles

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. And now for something completely different! Well, maybe not … [Read more...]

Michigan AG Schuette Charges Former Lawyer With Racketeering

Schuette Charges Former Lawyer With Racketeering LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank’s Business With Sanctioned Nations Under Scrutiny

Deutsche Bank’s Business With Sanctioned Nations Under Scrutiny Federal and state prosecutors are … [Read more...]

Video: Nanny of the Month is …

... dogging it. Who gets July’s Nanny of the Month from Reason TV?  As usual, there are three … [Read more...]

DNC director: Obama still wants the assault-weapons ban reinstated; Update: AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, says Obama

"But he also knows that that bill faces significant headwinds in Congress." Via the Weekly Standard, … [Read more...]

Obama faces Capitol Hill revolt after gutting welfare reform work requirements

Republican bill would stop HHS waivers A coalition of Republicans in the House and Senate vowed to … [Read more...]

Harry Reid has trouble explaining why Dems didn’t raise taxes when they had the chance

"...Next question." President Obama and the Democrats are always lamenting that they just … [Read more...]

You Dirty Rat | Deutsche Bank Turns Prosecution Witness in Libor Probe

Deutsche Bank gets prosecution witness status in rate probe (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank … [Read more...]

Dimon Faces Image ‘Nightmare’ With JPMorgan Energy Probe

Dimon Faces Image ‘Nightmare’ With JPMorgan Energy Probe JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s refusal to … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Tipping point? With five months until Election Day, Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: … [Read more...]

U.S. faces a reverse brain drain, as highly educated immigrants head home

Immigration policy matters. An article in today’s Economic Times highlights a discouraging, … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed: “Romney faces challenge on Mormonism and race”

Beginnings. You’ll get no complaint from the resident atheist about asking tough questions of … [Read more...]

GOP insiders want Rob Portman for VP

Does Romney-Portman have that ring? Politico is out with a piece that highlights GOP … [Read more...]

Green energy firm secured millions in taxpayer funding, now faces SEC investigation

Obama, Chu praised company Green energy firm Ecotality won plaudits from President Obama and Energy … [Read more...]

ARKANSAS | JOHNATHAN D DIAL ET AL V DEUTSCHE BANK NAT ET AL – Deutsche Bank Wasn’t Cleared To Foreclose, Suit Says

Deutsche Bank Wasn’t Cleared To Foreclose In Ark., Suit Says Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. … [Read more...]

Report: Obama outspends all his GOP rivals combined

Campaign machinery. Just in case Republicans need a reminder of the kind of organization the … [Read more...]

Ron Paul spokesman: Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are acting like “carnival barkers”

This primary is still a circus? Ron Paul’s campaign ads have been consistently excellent and … [Read more...]

RFK jr: Inhofe is a “Call Girl” for Big Oil

It's OK if you're a Democrat Before we begin, I’d like to pass around these complimentary … [Read more...]

For the fourth year in a row, president defies law that demands action on Medicare

Where's your plan, Mr. President? The president must not be aware of the so-called “Medicare … [Read more...]

Toxic Titles | Imagine Buying a House then Finding Out Years Later that Someone Else Claims to Own Your Land (VIDEO)

Woman could lose house over land claim Imagine buying a house then finding out years later that … [Read more...]

Steven J. Baum is Losing His Appeal, Judge Gives NY Foreclosure King the Baum’s Rush

“The hearing in the Poughkeepsie courtroom was attended by several bankruptcy lawyers who have … [Read more...]

Atlanta’s Bank of America Plaza, One of the 10 Tallest Structures in the U.S. Faces Foreclosure

Bank of America building facing foreclosure Atlanta’s Bank of America Plaza is one of the 10 tallest … [Read more...]

LA faces millions in costs for Occupy damage

Plus, tents on the run at Occupy Scranton. The city of Los Angeles offered the Occupy movement one … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Directs Servicers to Transfer Fraudclosure Files from the Steven J. Baum Law Firm

Baum fall throws NY foreclosures a curve Thousands of Baum foreclosures in NY limbo The implosion of … [Read more...]

OCC Releases Status Report on Fixing Deficient Fraudclosure Practices

OCC Releases Status Report on Fixing Deficient Foreclosure Practices WASHINGTON — The Office of the … [Read more...]

NY Foreclosure Firm Steven J. Baum: Sorry for Mocking Homeless

“Allowing employees to participate in a company sponsored function such as this shows a … [Read more...]

Steven J. Baum Esq | Fraudclosure Tycoon Bangsta Ho Scheister Extraordinaire

Courtesy of williambanzai7 ~ Tweet Related posts:Fraudclosure | New York AG … [Read more...]

Sorry but… This is Beyond Fucking Outrageous – Steven J. Baum Halloween Party Photos Show Appalling Lack of Respect Toward the Homeowners they Defraud

This one crossed the line. As I always try to censor/warn of foul language in my posts, this one has … [Read more...]

“Faces of Freedom”: A chance to say “thank you” to men and women in uniform

So simple, so uplifting. Projects like this one remind me why Facebook has become so much more than … [Read more...]

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