August 23, 2017

Cardinal to Emanuel: Just what exactly are Chicago values?

A gentle slide into fascism, perhaps? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel insists that he won’t back … [Read more...]

Matt Weidner | The First Amendment, Facism And YOU! (Co-Existing Peacefully in Amerika 2012)

The First Amendment, Fascism And YOU! (Co-Existing Peacefully in Amerika 2012) … [Read more...]

Video: Gingrich gets heckled by Occupiers in Iowa

Plus, is Gingrich taking Iowa seriously enough? Because nothing says anti-fascism like hijacking and … [Read more...]

Memories of Mussolini and the New ‘Corporate State’ Obama is Building

I don't think Barack Obama is a democrat or a liberal... I think the best statist one could compare … [Read more...]

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