July 21, 2017

Congressional Corruption – Members Exempted from Insider Trading Laws

Oh yeah, you read that title right! Can you flippin  believe this? Unfortunately I can but my blood … [Read more...]

Dividing the Mortgage Loan and Affirming the Consequent

This is a fantastic article (below) written by Gregory M. Lemelson and is posted on his blog at … [Read more...]

Video: 60 Minutes Investigation Into ForeclosureGate

[Read more...]

Obama Thinks He Can Intimidate You and Me Into Silence

The anointed one thinks he can do anything because he (currently) sits in the White House; including … [Read more...]

Defeat the Florida un(Fair) Foreclosure Act

The banking lobby just simply has no shame. Are you kidding me? They name a bill the "Florida Fair … [Read more...]

101 Year Old Texana Hollis Booted from Her House of 58 Yrs By HUD

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: I have just read that Texana Hollis has been told she can move back in … [Read more...]

The Myth of the “Free House”

This is a great post by Katie Porter and I fully agree with her on every point. I have this … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Whistleblower: “HAMP was About the Numbers & Appeasing the Banks

This is a must see video to learn about how wickedly deceptive the loan servicing industry is and … [Read more...]

Dingie Harry’s Bill Fails in the Senate – Video

Oh, like real people (aka "working stiffs" according to his majesty Nobama) in America are … [Read more...]

Five Reasons You Need to Avoid the Luminate a LivingFibber Securitization Audit Service

This lumin-what? securitization analysis being sold out there on some well-known sites is to be … [Read more...]

Important Dodd-Frank Reform Act Provisions – QWR Response Times Shortened

By Lane Houk July 25, 2011 The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was … [Read more...]

Breaking News – Obama calls American Hard Workers “Working Stiffs”

Well, I literally fell of the couch as I just watched President (not much of) Obama call our hard … [Read more...]

Fraud on the Court | So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

This is a well-written post by George Mantor. I like his un-apologetic rant here. Mostly because I … [Read more...]

Why 99% of All “Forensic Audits” are Scams

Ok, it really bothers me... I've been wanting to write this post for a very long time. I've just … [Read more...]

Obama Bin Laden Compound on Google Maps and Satellites

Ok, folks... as someone who doesn't just believe the first thing I hear, I decided to really do some … [Read more...]

ACLU Charges High-Speed Florida Foreclosure Courts Deprive Homeowners of Chance to Defend Homes

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed its case yesterday in the 2nd District Court of … [Read more...]

5th DCA Win for Homeowner – Khan, Appellant, v. Bank of America NA

This just out from Florida's 5th District Court of Appeals! Big win for homeowner and defense bar in … [Read more...]

Notes Never Made It To the Trusts – BIG Problem for the BIG Banks

Editors Comment Lane Houk 12/2/2010 The article below published on Bloomberg.com a few days ago … [Read more...]

ALERT! 2nd DCA Overturns Foreclosure Judgment Decision out of Lee County, Florida – Homeowner’s Case Valid

This was an expected decision. I think it's safe to say that the original decision entered by Judge … [Read more...]

Deposition of Expert Witness in a Securitized Trust Foreclosure Case

By Lane Houk November 11, 2010 It took an Act of Congress to finally get a copy of my own … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS – Law Offices of David J. Stern Lays Off “Hundreds” of Employees

November 4, 2010 - 5:15 pm You heard it hear first folks... from a very reliable source, I have … [Read more...]

Hot Off the Press – CA Federal Judge Grants Homeowner TRO against Chase

Alright... so not every federal judge in CA is in the tank for the banks. Surprising but refreshing. … [Read more...]

Fannie & Freddie Say ‘Adios’ to David J. Stern – No Love Lost Here

This is the beginning of the end... just a prediction from my vantage point but even if half of the … [Read more...]

UPDATED! Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) should be investigated – Video Depositions Unveiled

UPDATED NOVEMBER 8, 2010 - New Depositions of NTC Employees Hey folks, the depostions of NTC … [Read more...]

Scathing Testimony by former employee of David J. Stern

Oh boy... the snowball is rolling downhill folks. For the record, this deposition by Tammie Kapusta … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS… Ohio Attorney General Sues GMAC – Seeks $25,000 fine per false affidavit!

By David Dayen - FireDogLake.com News Desk This is big news. I just got off a conference call … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Fraud Factories explained by Congressman Alan Grayson

  Ok, for the record, I'm not a fan of Rep. Alan Grayson but hey, we agree on everything he says … [Read more...]

Ohio Secretary of State alleges Notary Abuse/Fraud by Chase – Refers Matter to Department of Justice and Federal Prosecutor

This just in folks... the Press Release below in its entirety was released today by the Ohio … [Read more...]

Why the REST Report and NPV Analysis is what you need for HAMP Loan Modification Approval

By Lane Houk THE REST REPORT IS a report generated by the REST software platform, which is a loan … [Read more...]

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