July 23, 2017

Bernanke: Who’s up for a ride on the QE3?

“The economic situation obviously is far from satisfactory." Fed chair Ben Bernanke stopped just … [Read more...]

THEY ONCE WERE LENDERS – Understanding government’s failure to stop bankers OR scammers from destroying homeowners.

Preface… Sit down and relax… you’re going to need a comfortable chair.  But, I promise … [Read more...]

Bringing Up the Rear: Me, Martin Andelman

It was one year ago that The Niche Report magazine’s publishers, Robert and David Pegg, … [Read more...]

I Guess Nobody Wants to Read Bad News: Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s Testimony to Congress

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke testified to Congress this past week on the topic: “Economic and financial … [Read more...]

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