August 20, 2017

US Federal Budget Visualized – Your Tax Dollars at Work (INFOGRAPHIC)

Source: Demonocracy ~ Tweet Related posts: Congressional Budget Office (CBO) | … [Read more...]

Interview with Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Fraud, waste, abuse and stupidity... Over the last 11 years America’s federal budget has … [Read more...]

Democratic congressman: The federal government has to fight childhood obesity for the budget

Okaaay. In an opinion piece in Roll Call today, Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Ron Kind, with Donna … [Read more...]

Buffett Rule would bring in less than $3 billion a year in revenue

99.43% pure. Barack Obama has spent the last seven months demanding a surtax for the wealthy as a … [Read more...]

Obama: We’re better off with my policies than four years ago

Boehner: "Are you kidding me?" As Jim Geraghty says, it all depends on your definition of … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Flat. “On Tuesday I will announce my ‘Cut, Balance and Grow’ plan to scrap the … [Read more...]

The Paul plan: Lots of zeros, little explanation

Zip. After Herman Cain began making a big splash with his 9-9-9 plan, boldness seemed to be the … [Read more...]

Poll: What was the Obamateurism of the week?

Choices, and stuff. It’s time for stuff everybody welcomes — like voting for the … [Read more...]

Ben Stein: Tea Party “off base” for demands of immediate deep cuts in spending

Balancing over the cycle? Ben Stein tells CNN’s In The Arena that the Tea Party is “off … [Read more...]

Obama to Cut $100 Million from Federal Budget! Yahoo!

So, to you who claim that President Obama isn’t doing anything… well, now he says that … [Read more...]

I Guess Nobody Wants to Read Bad News: Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s Testimony to Congress

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke testified to Congress this past week on the topic: “Economic and financial … [Read more...]

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