August 22, 2017

Coursen v. Fidelity National Financial, FannieMae, et al

***ALERT*** This case is out of the federal courts in the Middle District of Florida. The … [Read more...]

Representation and Realities of (Bankruptcy) Court Work

The Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities held a symposium on "Courts: Representing and … [Read more...]

Govfall: Or, tell me again why federal courts are ruling on the validity of scientific theories?

The infallible inflexibillity of orthodoxy. We in the US appear to be very close to becoming a … [Read more...]

MERS Foreclosure Issue Headed to Oregon Supreme Court

MERS foreclosure issue headed to Oregon Supreme Court With Oregon’s state and federal courts … [Read more...]

Law of the Chicken

A headline from last Friday's BNA's Bankruptcy Law Reporter, which reports recent cases … [Read more...]

A Foreclosure Based Court System- Survival of Our Courts Cannot Depend on Foreclosure Filing Fees

Foreclosure filing fees are not just the lifeblood of our courts, they are the only blood left in … [Read more...]

US Congressman Alan Grayson Calls For Foreclosure Moritorium

You really have to give Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum and his staff credit for … [Read more...]

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