August 18, 2017

US Federal Budget Visualized – Your Tax Dollars at Work (INFOGRAPHIC)

Source: Demonocracy ~ Tweet Related posts: Congressional Budget Office (CBO) | … [Read more...]

Super: Amazon & Wal-Mart team up to lobby for new online sales tax

Team ebay Keep your eye on the, ahem, “Marketplace Fairness Act” in Congress (S.1832). … [Read more...]

Just a reminder: “Buffett Rule” that Obama won’t stop talking about is aimed mainly at around 400 taxpayers

Nuance. Via Sean Hackbarth. Remember, this gimmick is aimed at rich people who make most of their … [Read more...]

Video: Classical (union) Gas

He who cracked it, taxed it? With Barack Obama looking for ways to regain momentum on job creation, … [Read more...]

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