July 24, 2017

In re Sentinel Management Group | Federal Court Rules Banksters Can Steal Retirement Accounts

Fed Court Rules Banksters Can Steal Pensions In a court case glossed over by the corporate media … [Read more...]

Location, location, location: ATM Fee Disclosure Edition

The number one agenda item for small banks is to repeal the physical, on-machine disclosure … [Read more...]

The Bully Model of Consumer Finance and Litigation

There's a fearful symmetry in the consumer finance world. It's a symmetry of bullies … [Read more...]

What is the Largest and Most Influential Financial Institution in the World? The U.S. Government

When Uncle Sam plays banker Today’s lesson on How America Really Works begins with a question: What … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE | The Sophisticated and the Scammed – MBS Trusts Keeping Assets on the Books Long After they are Liquidated

The Sophisticated and the Scammed Each time an investor group or shareholder sues a financial … [Read more...]

JPMorgan Chase: We Had So Many Buy-Backs That We Had to Put This Policy in Place

JPMorgan Chase apparently has a new policy that homeowners and their attorneys should know about … [Read more...]

US TRUSTEE Louisiana sanctions motion memo v LPS


Livinglies Posts $100 Reward for HERS Fabrication Index

Announcing the establishment of the Homeowners Electronic Registration System (HERS) to assist in … [Read more...]

Loan Servicer Tactics… Foreclose don’t modify; lie, deceive, whatever it takes

As a citizen, please start asking tougher questions and demanding truthful answers of your elected … [Read more...]

Mortgage Hardship: Solutions to Avoid Foreclosure

Here's a link to my similar article at EZinesArticles.com: … [Read more...]

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