August 21, 2017

National Mortgage Servicing Settlement Progress Report: Little to Show (And Little Expected)

The official monitor for the mortgage servicing fraud settlement has put out a progress report on … [Read more...]

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads Romney by eight points in swing states

Dude? It’s a slow news day and this is the national poll du jour so I have to blog it, but I … [Read more...]

Is the Obama campaign really incompetent?

Obamateurism? That seems to be the developing conventional wisdom, particularly right of center. To … [Read more...]

We’re #1, we’re #1, we’re #1! In corporate tax rates, but still…

The beatings will continue until morale improves If you believe Joe Biden, Barack Obama has had it … [Read more...]

No Surprise: Bankruptcy Filings Jump in February

Bankruptcy filings rose in February, but the spike in filings keeps with historical trends. … [Read more...]

Congressmen can’t say “Merry Christmas” in mail

But "Happy Holidays" OK. What next? The folks in charge of franking congressional mail refuse to … [Read more...]

National education standards to cost the state of Washington $300 million

Quiet overreach. It often happens this way when the federal government interferes with local and … [Read more...]

Video: The competing worldviews of the Tea Party and OWS

Clarity in the confusion. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street remind me a little of those … [Read more...]

Perry campaign coordinating with SuperPAC?

Blurry lines, but unlikely Over at Politico, Ben Smith highlights a pair of videos supporting the … [Read more...]

A grace note on the melody of whether we deserve to keep our money

We do, we do, we do. On Friday, I responded briefly to Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s (D-Ill.) comments … [Read more...]

First to File–Patent Thoughts

Congress just passed a bill overhauling the US patent system.  The most significant change appears … [Read more...]

Great news: Service industry now slowing down, too

Unexpectedly! On Monday, the Institute for Supply Management reported a significant drop in its … [Read more...]

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