July 24, 2017

Bank of America Hasn’t Modified Any Mortgages So Far Under Fraudclosure Settlement

Bank of America hasn’t modified any mortgages so far under settlement Bank of America Corp … [Read more...]

How to Strategic Default? Ask the MBA.

If you want to know how to strategic default, ask the MBA… Mortgage Banking Association. The … [Read more...]

Russian Mob Steals Refinance Money During Wire Transfer, Bank of America Forecloses

Bank of America held the Cannings first mortgage. It was supposed to be paid off during the … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: President Obama, please don’t let them take Grandma’s house!

The Senior Citizen Solution… RMO HAMP By Rick Rogers, JD/MBA Too many of those devastated by the … [Read more...]


EDITOR’S NOTE: I don’t know Brad Miller bradmiller.house.gov but I’m sending him a … [Read more...]

Mortgage Investors Turn to State Courts for Relief

Investors are starting to wake up. First, they are filing suit in any court of competent … [Read more...]

At the Bank of America Signpost Up Ahead, Your Next Stop – The Loan Modification Zone

A homeowner wrote to me the other day, and I could tell from her emails that she had been through … [Read more...]

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