July 24, 2017

Recovery!?! | In Oregon, Foreclosures are Going Behind Closed Doors with No Newspaper Notices

Foreclosures going behind closed doors So, if you owe the bank $300,000 on a house that sells for … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Led To Problems With Unburied Bodies

NC funeral home loses license for old bodies WADESBORO, N.C. An Anson County funeral home operator … [Read more...]

Action Alert | Brooklyn NY Foreclosure Auction Blockade Action – Today at 1pm, Jan 26th

Defend Brooklyn homes from foreclosure today by stopping the auctions! Date/Time Date(s) – … [Read more...]

Laboratories of Democracy and the Commissioners of Uniformity

States have passed a variety of changes to foreclosure laws and court rules in response to the … [Read more...]

PREO.com | Albertelli Law Firm who is Under Investigation by the Florida Attorney General Could Profit from Legislation Designed to Move Foreclosure Notices Online

Also complicating the debate is Tampa-based Albertelli Law Firm, which owns PREO.com, which is under … [Read more...]

Obama “AWOL” on foreclosures, “irresponsible,” policies “abysmal failures,” say …

Not loving him. Someone needs to alert AttackWatch to a new series of personal attacks from Barack … [Read more...]

Gestapo Tactics | Wells Fargo Sends Pre-Foreclosure Notices to Current Homeowners

Unfortunately the reporters are naive to the fact that the banks will work with the borrowers… … [Read more...]

Hawaii’s Legislature Poised to Pass Nation’s Strongest Foreclosure Protection Bill

American homeowners in all 50 states should take note that it was only last November when a group of … [Read more...]

BANK BREAK INS- New York Times- What Will You Do To Stop This Tyranny?

It’s happening all over the country…banks breaking into people’s homes, with no … [Read more...]

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