August 21, 2017

DOER UPDATE: Patricia Martin v. Wells Fargo – Court Grants Injunction, Injustice on Trial Ahead

  What you’re about to read about should never be allowed to happen in this country, and what is … [Read more...]

Why 99% of All “Forensic Audits” are Scams

Ok, it really bothers me... I've been wanting to write this post for a very long time. I've just … [Read more...]

Beware of Scam “Forensic” Loan Auditors/Companies

Ok, here we go go again... now the scams have hit the loan auditing industry. Most of these fakers … [Read more...]

What is a “Forensic Loan Audit?”

Definition of the word "Audit" A systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining … [Read more...]

Your best chance at a real Loan Modification – TILA Rescission

  I wrote a post similar to this yesterday. It was a post on TILA rescission that referred to a … [Read more...]

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