August 18, 2017

Retired Fraudster, Sam Antar, on the ABC’s of Financial Fraud and why it’s Easier than Ever! (VIDEO)

“I’m happy to report, as a retired member of the criminal underworld, that fraud is … [Read more...]

BIG WIN IN GEORGIA | REESE et al. v. PROVIDENT FUNDING ASSOCIATES, LLP. – Ruling Could Have Huge Impact on Foreclosure Suits

In August of 2010, Nye Lavalle wrote the contents of … [Read more...]

Georgia SB 469 Would Make Civil Disobedience a Felony

“My evaluation of SB 469 is that it interferes with the constitutional right of free speech, … [Read more...]

HB 237 | Georgia Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Criminalizing Foreclosure Fraud

PRESS ADVISORY Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Georgia Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Criminalizing … [Read more...]

Abigail Field | Dear Attorneys General: If You Want to Be Re-elected, Sue the Banks

Dear Attorneys General: If You Want to Be Re-elected, Sue the Banks Dear Attorneys General: If you … [Read more...]

M&I Bank | Bankster Shill Trolling “The site ( promotes ways to steal from lending institutions”

“The posts here, as well as the topics and recommendations made on this site as a whole, only … [Read more...]

KABOOM | Washington State AG McKenna Sues Recontrust in State of Washington v Recontrust

As AG Bondi Fires her top fraudclosure investigators, AG McKenna goes after the fraudsters… … [Read more...]

Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud, Part I: (Big Time Economist/Reporter Headline…Not Me)

This is all madness on such a grand scale that the biggest and brightest minds in our country are … [Read more...]

Notary Fraud, Signature Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud, Corruption in Our Courts

A potent mix of frustration and anger is brewing once again in this country because the well-heeled … [Read more...]

Chase Sued in NY for denying modifications

 See full story below... this is going to start happening more and more. The  bottom line in this … [Read more...]

“We’re all working for the government now”

Editor’s Note: The cost of taking over foreclosed homes greatly exceeds the principal … [Read more...]

TBW Taylor Bean Chairman Arrested On Fraud Charges

“The fraud here is truly stunning in its scale and complexity,” said Lanny A. Breuer, assistant … [Read more...]

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