July 26, 2017

Kamala D. Harris | California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law (VIDEO)

California Homeowner Bill of Rights Signed into Law LOS ANGELES — Attorney General Kamala D. … [Read more...]

Brown Wins $1 Million in Restitution for Victims of Attorney-Backed Foreclosure Rescue Scam

There are good business models and bad business models.  It is not automatically true that a large … [Read more...]

AG Brown Issues Warnings Re: Short Sales

submitted by Abby 2010/06/17 at 2:25 pm FROM CALIFORNIA ATTY. GENERAL BROWN re: short sales News … [Read more...]

CALIF ATTY GENERAL BROWN Goes After Bait and Switch Refi Fraudsters

Submitted by Abby: MORE FRAUDSTERS CAUGHT BY CALIF ATTY GENERAL BROWN!!! News Release June 09, … [Read more...]

Noose Tightening — Foreclosure Consultants

Interesting Post from Anna: Editor’s Note: As I have repeatedly said unless the pretender … [Read more...]

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