August 21, 2017

EPA fines oil refiners for failing to use nonexistent biofuel

Guess who's footing the bill? Question: Do you fill your car’s tank with gasoline that is part … [Read more...]

Chu: Uh, never mind on that European gas prices goal

Shocka! Isn’t it amazing what a couple of bad polls can produce?  In 2008, … [Read more...]

Video: Hey, who’s up for $5-per-gallon gas?

Washington DC ... in more ways than one. In my neighborhood, we haven’t yet reached … [Read more...]

Why don’t you Americans riot more?

Motivation Ah, for the good ole’ days. Do you remember way back when Americans, unsatisfied … [Read more...]

Democrats debate amongst themselves: Should we curb natural gas exports?

Led by this guy, natch. It was only just a matter of time. When the U.S. became a net exporter of … [Read more...]

An ominous note in the happy melody of increased gasoline exports

Don't look to the government to lower gas prices. As I reported last week, the U.S. has been on … [Read more...]

A Fire Sale for Arsonists: The “Revised” Bank Mortgage Settlement Still Stinks

A Fire Sale for Arsonists: The “Revised” Bank Mortgage Settlement Still Stinks Imagine … [Read more...]

Greece Fire | Man Enters Bank, Asks for Loan Mod, Gets Denied, Douses Self with Gasoline, Ignites (PICS)

This is how the riots started in Egypt… This time, they were able to put him out before he … [Read more...]

GOING UP… The Rising Bar of Homeowner Rage

It all started last Friday morning when a Broward County sheriff went to a townhouse to serve its … [Read more...]

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