July 26, 2017

California State Bar Court Lacks Fundamental Knowledge of Loan Modifications

    When it comes to the subject of getting one’s mortgage modified, very few actual … [Read more...]

A New Low for the California State Bar – HOMEOWNER & LAWYER ALERT!

Homeowners in California had better get serious about this issue and fast.  Speak now or you may … [Read more...]

Economy Recovering? No, it’s not. Housing? NO. Unemployment? NO. Stock Market? NO.

A couple of quick clarifications related to stories now in the news:   A. NO, housing has NOT … [Read more...]

The Kings and Queens Loan Mod Scammers: Arizona & Nevada Sue Bank of America Over Loan Modification Program

I remember a couple of years back now, when Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard was watching his … [Read more...]

Mandelman’s Uncommon Advice for Getting Through the Loan Modification Process Without Losing It

How to hold up under the stress and strain of getting a loan modification… Every single day … [Read more...]

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