August 23, 2017

A “mystery speaker” for Thursday night?

Hmmmm. The cancellation of the first night of the Republican convention forced planners to compress … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Son of a gun. One good reason not to hold a policy debate in the wake of tragedy is because of the … [Read more...]

Jindal: It’s called the Declaration of Independence, not dependence

And for good reason. As I’ve said before, if picking the candidate for Romney’s running … [Read more...]

Jindal: It’s called the Declaration of Independence, not dependence

And for good reason. As I’ve said before, if picking the candidate for Romney’s running … [Read more...]

CAR- California Assn. of Realtors Tries to Kill Homeowners Bill of Rights

  You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about the role of Realtors here, but now that the … [Read more...]

WaPo: Hey, maybe it’s impossible for any president to succeed anymore

Inevitable. Erick Erickson calls this the “penultimate Jimmy Carter moment of the Obama … [Read more...]

The invisible Romney vote?

Silent majority Clark Judge has an interesting column in US News for your weekend reading which … [Read more...]

Media — and others — oddly unimpressed with presidential re-reruns

"The President gave Americans a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy." Rule Number One for major addresses … [Read more...]

Video: Andy Garcia and For Greater Glory

Absolute freedom. Yesterday on my show, I had the opportunity to interview actor Andy Garcia, whose … [Read more...]

US intelligence warns Iran poised to conduct terror attacks in US

Asymmetrical. During the debates, Rep. Ron Paul often wonders aloud why the US should fear an … [Read more...]

Will the rain work to Ron Paul’s advantage?

Answered prayers. On any given Saturday, rain is generally a good reason to remain under the covers … [Read more...]

Even Ashton Kutcher dislikes SOPA

With good reason. The House Judiciary Committee has tabled the Stop Online Piracy Act until … [Read more...]

Air Force bounces US manufacturer for Brazilian competitor

While Embraer is under SEC investigation. Let’s start this off by stating that the Air Force … [Read more...]

NFL Week 9 open thread

Revenge. All right, you guys.  Some of you scoffed at my predictive abilities when I said the … [Read more...]

Bully for BofA: New Debit Card Fees!

Bully for you, Bank of America.  Bank of America's starting charging monthly fees for debit … [Read more...]

RNC sees gold in Solyndra

The RNC thinks the Solyndra scandal can do what three years of failed economic policies have not … [Read more...]

About that Romney job creation record

Numbers game Anyone who wants to be president in January 2013 is talking about jobs, and for good … [Read more...]

Obama to Perry: Candidates need to be more careful about what they say

"But I'll cut him some slack. He's only been at it for a few days now." Drudge is stirring the pot … [Read more...]

BOMBSHELL- MERS v. Azize- Florida’s Sixth Circuit Got Foreclosure Right Before the Crisis

The entire country knows that we are right in the middle of a real crisis.  It’s a crisis of … [Read more...]

The Foreclosure Docket in Pinellas County Has Been Cleared- And The Court Budget is Restored!

Across this state law firms are pushing foreclosures and judges are throwing their neighbors into … [Read more...]

GMAC v Visicaro Case No 07013084CI: florida judge reverses himself: applies basic rules of evidence and overturns his own order granting motion for summary judgment

Having just received the transcript on this case, I find that what the Judge said could be very … [Read more...]


While this call to action is from Attorney Weidner, I would suggest that in addition to sending … [Read more...]

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