July 24, 2017

State of Texas Foreclosure Resource Links

STATE OF TEXAS GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Attorney General Greg Abbott Finance Commission of Texas House … [Read more...]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: ObamaCare will “find no foothold here”

Don't mess. On Monday, Texas Governor Rick Perry sent a rather pointed letter to Health and Human … [Read more...]

Quotes of the Day

Governors' Brawl [Governor Rick] Perry “has no interest in fast-tracking any portion of this … [Read more...]

Perry: Sure, I’ll run for President again; Update: Video fixed

Plus, a message for the current President. Earlier today, Governor Rick Perry visited Blogger Row at … [Read more...]

GOP candidates to join pro-life forum in South Carolina

But will Mitt Romney be there? At least four of the five GOP candidates will be present at a … [Read more...]

Perry campaign coordinating with SuperPAC?

Blurry lines, but unlikely Over at Politico, Ben Smith highlights a pair of videos supporting the … [Read more...]

Video: Chris Wallace wonders when Mitt Romney will show up

He's been served. Yesterday’s Fox News Sunday closed on a puzzling note. Chris Wallace … [Read more...]

Perry: On second thought, maybe some debates would be good

"Shoot, I may get to be a good debater before this is all over" Texas Governor Rick Perry raised … [Read more...]

Big get: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval endorses Perry

Influence. Bigger than Jindal’s endorsement? Our nation needs a leader in the White House who … [Read more...]

Banker to Rick Perry – “I’m from Bank of America and we’ll help you out”

At Thursday’s “Politics & Eggs” event in New Hampshire, Governor Rick Perry … [Read more...]

Oh my: Perry up 11 points over Romney in new Rasmussen poll

Game changer. For the past sixteen months, I have called Rick Perry a potential gamechanger in the … [Read more...]

Wrap-up from Waterloo: Perry embraced, Bachmann falls a little flat; Update: Perry video added

Questions and answers. Governor Rick Perry, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former Senator Rick Santorum … [Read more...]

CNN: Perry enters race in virtual tie with Romney, Bachmann fades

Plus, Perry speaks -- to Time's Mark Halperin. Texas Governor Rick Perry will upend the Republican … [Read more...]

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