August 17, 2017

Attention Mortgage Servicers… Heed these words now, because it’s much later than you think.

According to the HOPE NOW Alliance, May was a very UP month.  Everything went up in May. The number … [Read more...]

GAO REPORT | FORECLOSURE REVIEW Opportunities Exist to Further Enhance Borrower Outreach Efforts

FORECLOSURE REVIEW Opportunities Exist to Further Enhance Borrower Outreach Efforts What GAO Found … [Read more...]

Loan Modifications Stop Foreclosures, Study Shows. DOER ALERT!

  The Center for Responsible Lending (“CRL”), a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that works … [Read more...]

Things I think homeowners should know about loan modifications & HAMP-2

If you already know who I am… great.  If you don’t, you can find out after you read this, but for … [Read more...]

“Independent” Foreclosure Review | Federal Reserve Board – Please PLEASE let us **DO** You (VIDEO)

Federal Reserve Board announces new video explaining how borrowers can apply for a free, independent … [Read more...]

Lock ‘em Up | Fraud on the Court – In Re Delva: Fraudclosure, Fabrication, Bankruptcy and Lies

Well lookie what we have here… More fraud, more deception, more lies. All this AFTER the so … [Read more...]

Freddie Mac Servicers Bulletin NUMBER: 2012-10 | HFAs MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS and HAMP and HAFA Initiative Extension

SUBJECTS With this Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (“Guide”) Bulletin, we are making the … [Read more...]

Matt Stoller on RT News | Obama’s Financial Practices ‘Dishonest Pretend Schemes’ (VIDEO)

According to a whistleblower’s complaint unsealed in federal court yesterday, Bank of America … [Read more...]

Principal Write-Down Pilot Program in Massachusetts

A Boston nonprofit, Boston Community Capital, is teaming up with some financial institutions, in … [Read more...]

Treasury warns Chase of permanent HAMP witholdings

Treasury warns Chase of permanent HAMP witholdings The Treasury Department will withhold Home … [Read more...]

OCC Independent Foreclosure Review | We Represent the Government, and We Are Here to Screw You

“The consensus amongst those who watch these things carefully is don’t take the bait.  To put … [Read more...]

Is the Independent Foreclosure Review Really Independent?

“If you have to put “Independent” in the title, then it probably isn’t.” ~ Is the … [Read more...]

The Way Forward: Going in Circles?

The latest proposal for dealing with the mortgage crisis comes from The Way Forward by Daniel … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Whistleblower: “HAMP was About the Numbers & Appeasing the Banks

This is a must see video to learn about how wickedly deceptive the loan servicing industry is and … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: President Obama, please don’t let them take Grandma’s house!

The Senior Citizen Solution… RMO HAMP By Rick Rogers, JD/MBA Too many of those devastated by the … [Read more...]

Marques LIVES! Homeowner wins, then loses, then WINS!

Remember the San Diego homeowner, Ademar Marques, who was applying for a loan modification with his … [Read more...]

US INSPECTOR GENERAL: Banks Got Bailed Out, Consumers Got Screwed.

We all know that we are no longer a government , “For the People”. Ours is a government … [Read more...]


Hat tip to 4ClosureFraud for picking up on the media catching the chaos that permeates the entire … [Read more...]

The REST Report Matters at REST Report Matters

By now, I would think, most of my readers know that when homeowners ask me questions about today’s … [Read more...]


It will come as no surprise to anyone following the foreclosure wars to know that the lenders … [Read more...]

Bank Break-In Victim Applied For Mortgage Modification Via HAMP

By: Arthur Delaney | HuffPost Reporting- Nancy Jacobini had applied for a mortgage modification when … [Read more...]

What’s this “HAMP” I keep hearing about?

Unless you’ve been on another planet, you’d know that it’s just a pesky little … [Read more...]

Banks Kick Consumer’s Butts Once Again – SB 1275 Dies in the California Assembly

Okay, who wants to feel stupid, weak, and helpless?  (Oh, I do… I do!  Pick me!  Pick … [Read more...]

AMERICA LOST: Treasury’s meetings with bloggers tells a story that I didn’t want to hear.

I talk to a lot of homeowners from all over the country every single day, and it’s been like that … [Read more...]

It’s a Matter of Principal – HAMP’s New PRA

It seems like people have been talking about reducing the principal balances of underwater mortgages … [Read more...]


class_action_against_boa1_kahlo HAMP Editor’s Note: Excellent Pleading on HAMP, TARP and … [Read more...]

CONGRESS: It’s Not About Right and Left Anymore… It’s About Right and Wrong.

On Thursday afternoon, when Melissa Bean, a Democrat from Illinois, stood in the way of the Walt … [Read more...]

T’was the Night Before Christmas-2009

T’was the Night Before Christmas – 2009 T’was the night before … [Read more...]

Revive the BK Cramdown Bill?

The report below from demonstrates how bad we need a revival of the mortgage cramdown … [Read more...]

Latest HAMP Incentive Targets Home Price Declines

"The US Treasury Department as part of its Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) designed a … [Read more...]

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