August 21, 2017

House votes to repeal ObamaCare — for the 33rd time

Emphasis. Thirty-third time’s the charm? Members approved the bill in a 244-185 vote, after … [Read more...]

Eminent-Domain | Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages

Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages A handful of local officials in California who say the housing … [Read more...]

DCCC chair: Why are any Democratic House candidates going to the convention?

Save yourselves!! I assume Rep. Steve Israel wants to provide political cover for a handful of … [Read more...]

Why aren’t Wisconsin Democrats running against Walker’s PEU reforms?

Costs. Democrats and Big Labor — pardon the redundancy, but it matters in this story — … [Read more...]

Video: The Wisconsin recall scorecard?

Delivering. The unions have succeeded in putting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall on … [Read more...]

Bankers Form SuperPac for ‘Surgical’ Strike at Industry’s Enemies

Bankers Form SuperPac for ‘Surgical’ Strike at Industry’s Enemies Frustrated by a … [Read more...]

“Hi, how are you? Would you like a free ultrasound?”

Some kids, a van and a new approach to pro-life activism. Today, March 13, 2012, is an important day … [Read more...]

School apologizes for its “racist” chant of … “USA! USA! USA!”

Definitions. After a high school boys basketball championship game last weekend, a handful of Texas … [Read more...]

It’s still on: Six more members of Congress call for Eric Holder’s resignation

Update. Between the contraception kerfuffle and the GOP primaries, the MSM has had too much to cover … [Read more...]

California, New York, Nevada, Florida? and Massachusetts Among Fraudclosure Deal Holdouts

States With Highest Foreclosure Rates Among Bank Deal Holdouts Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) — … [Read more...]

The Duggar kids serenade Santorum supporters

Meet the von Duggar family! Fun fact: Way back in the day, when my family lived in Springdale, Ark., … [Read more...]

Rep. Allen West on the reaction to the Marines incident: “Shut your mouth; war is hell”

No argument with that. Candidly, the story of a handful of Marines videotaping themselves urinating … [Read more...]

Open thread: New Hampshire; Update: Electability key in exit polls; Update: Fox News calls it for Romney at 8 p.m. sharp, predicts Paul will finish second; Update: Huntsman says he’s staying in the race

Unstoppable? Most of the polls close at 7 p.m. ET but a handful across the state will close at 8, so … [Read more...]

One Occupy protester arrested at conservative conference in Denver

"We want the dog!" Both Tina Korbe and I are attending the FreedomWorks BlogCon 2011, where a … [Read more...]

FCC announces cable companies will offer cheaper Internet to low-income families

How generous. A “private-public partnership” sounds so much better than Big Business-Big … [Read more...]

New Jersey | Legal Issues Slow Foreclosures – Bank of New York v. Laks

Legal Issues Slow Foreclosures In a small Bergen County courtroom one recent Friday, a … [Read more...]

“Faces of Freedom”: A chance to say “thank you” to men and women in uniform

So simple, so uplifting. Projects like this one remind me why Facebook has become so much more than … [Read more...]

THEY ONCE WERE LENDERS – Understanding government’s failure to stop bankers OR scammers from destroying homeowners.

Preface… Sit down and relax… you’re going to need a comfortable chair.  But, I promise … [Read more...]

House Financial Services Committee: Spending $1610 to Save a Home is Too Much – Votes to Kill HAMP

HAMP has permanently modified 521,630 mortgages, at a cost of only $840 million, according to the … [Read more...]

Florida AG Pam Bondi Presentation on Foreclosure Fraud

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has released this slide presentation of what she terms, … [Read more...]


The text below could have been lifted directly off my page–or that of any one of the handful … [Read more...]

What Will It Take To Stop This Madness? Local Television on Foreclosure Fraud.

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