July 22, 2017

Quotes of the day

Second term? President Barack Obama says his Republican challenger has the “wrong vision” for the … [Read more...]

LePage: The IRS is like the “new Gestapo”

"We the people have been told there is no choice." Even though President Obama’s recently … [Read more...]

Officials have already drafted 13,000 pages of rules & regs for health care law

How lovely. …And they’re still going strong. Now that they have the Supreme … [Read more...]

Implications of the new “tax-mandate”

Power. So, this is how I understand the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare.  Congress wrote an … [Read more...]

Breaking: Obama opposes repeal of law so terrible that even his own team abandoned it

Makes sense. So attached is this guy to health-care boondoggles that he can’t bear to part … [Read more...]

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