August 18, 2017

Fannie Mae Chickens Out of Phone Conference with Hawaii’s Homeowners

As my readers likely know, I’ve spent this past week in Hawaii, not on vacation unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Civil Beat Reporter in Hawaii Interviews Mandelman on Fannie Mae Decision to Foreclose Judicially

Civil Beat’s Robert Brown interviews Sen. Baker, Rep. Herkes, FACE’s Kim Harmon… … [Read more...]

Governor Abercrombie Signs SB 651 – Toughest Foreclosure Bill in Nation NOW LAW!

At 4:00 PM today, May 5, 2011, Governor Neil Abercrombie signed into law SB 651, unquestionably the … [Read more...]

The Impassioned Words of Rep. Bob Herkes & Sen. Roz Baker on SB 651

Last night, as I hope you already know, the State of Hawaii’s legislature overwhelmingly … [Read more...]

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