July 24, 2017

Obamateurism of the Day

Solidarity. I got a few e-mails suggesting that Barack Obama’s failure to address the 68th … [Read more...]

Hayes apologizes for “heroes” comments

Good enough? After an avalanche of criticism from his Sunday commentary, MSNBC weekend host and … [Read more...]

The Travis Manion Foundation

Heroes With Memorial Day almost upon us, it is only appropriate that we take a look at not only our … [Read more...]

McCain: Hey, let’s bomb Syria

What could go wrong? After a week of Afghans rampaging over burned Korans, a series of Islamist … [Read more...]

Critics to Disney: It is not OK that your obesity exhibit suggests fat kids have poor eating habits

Disney to critics: We hear you. With well-intentioned creativity, Walt Disney World partnered with … [Read more...]

NARN, the Holes for Heroes Edition!

Plus J. C. Watts, 1-3 CT, live video & chat! The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be on the air … [Read more...]

Video: Noted one-percenter pretty sure he’s not in the one percent

"How can I be in the one percent?" Via Newsbusters, I wonder if this is a simple case of him lying … [Read more...]

Ryan: Deficit committee unlikely to achieve anything remarkable

Of course not. Not that my hopes as to what the Super Committee would accomplish were ever that … [Read more...]


While voters are struggling back home, the elected officials in Tallahassee voted to allow business … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers- Hollywood’s Next Attorney Heroes

I grew up watching LA Law and Matlock and later, LA Law and reading novels about swashbuckling … [Read more...]

The Real Heroes

As we make our way towards Memorial Day, I thought I'd deviate just a bit from the normal writing … [Read more...]

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