August 20, 2017

Pelosi: A House Democratic majority is “very doable” this November

Optimism. Well… her confidence, at least, is compelling. From the WashTimes: House Minority … [Read more...]

Nancy Pelosi: My Congress cooperated with President Bush, you know

"This obstruction of the president is something quite new." On Friday evening, House Minority Leader … [Read more...]

Pelosi: House Democrats should skip the national convention

Women and children first? First, the good news, at least for House Democrats.  Instead of running … [Read more...]

Pelosi: “I could’ve arrested Karl Rove on any given day”

The Minority Leader is not pleased. It’s shocking, I know — House Minority Leader Nancy … [Read more...]

Changing the definition of middle-class

AKA, Republicans are winning the tax debate In a letter to House Speaker Boehner sent yesterday, … [Read more...]

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