July 26, 2017

Fighting the War in the Halls of Justice

Below is an excerpt from attorney Matt Weidner. He's one of the good guys and he knows his stuff. I … [Read more...]

The Bible, The Law and The Lawyers

Forget what you know about the Bible, in fact if you know anything at all about it, ignore your … [Read more...]

The Problem With Allonges- The Mark of Fraud…Saxon Cannot Explain Two Allonges…

We all know now that Assignments of Mortgages are routinely faked, flawed or forged.  It’s … [Read more...]

Naked Capitalism- Breaking Down PSAs to Defeat Foreclosure

Yves Smith does an excellent job of breaking down an important loss that the foreclosure defense … [Read more...]

WOW- Homeowners Win Quiet Title Suit- Mortgagee Stripped!

A home “Free and Clear” of the mortgages that encumber it is sort of the Holy Grail in … [Read more...]


This really shouldn’t be a BOMBSHELL and I shouldn’t have to keep abusing my SHIFT key … [Read more...]

The United States Constitution Has Been Suspended Until Further Notice

When the founding forefathers drafted the Constitution, they did not contemplate or take into … [Read more...]

Lakeside Bank, St. Charles, La — The Way Banking Should Be

Editor’s Comment: Only one Bank has failed in Louisiana since the financial crisis began. And … [Read more...]

Insider Confirms Builder Complicity in Appraisal Fraud

Editor’s Comment: Appraisal fraud, ratings fraud, misrepresentation, steering investors and … [Read more...]

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