August 20, 2017

Rubio: Politicians want the immigration issue to remain unresolved

Uh huh. Tough-minded Republicans fear monger and the dear Democrats pander, but nobody so much as … [Read more...]

Madoff and Trustee Incentives

We've been pretty quiet about Madoff on this blog, so I think it's time for a few words on … [Read more...]

The lessons native to the Warren story

Disadvantage incentives. We’ve had a lot of laughs at the expense of Elizabeth Warren, which … [Read more...]

Mark Levin: I will donate $50,000 to Obama if he will debate me for one hour

Incentives. On his radio show yesterday, Mark Levin echoed Sarah Palin’s invitation to Barack … [Read more...]

Coulter on Palin and a brokered convention: Beware of political celebrities in the GOP

Jib jab. Actually, her exact phrase wasn’t “political celebrities.” At the Indian … [Read more...]

President’s natural gas proposal would benefit billionaire investor George Soros

Surprise, surprise. The Heritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay uncovers a potentially key … [Read more...]

Glenn Reynolds: Let’s put colleges on the hook for loans that their students can’t repay

Incentives. How do you solve the problem of young adults earning worthless degrees and a truckload … [Read more...]

Video: The coming price explosion of ObamaCare

"2014 is when our country changes substantially." If you think ObamaCare is expensive now, just wait … [Read more...]

Credit Card Securitization and Skin-in-the-Game

I have a new paper on credit card securitization and what it teaches us about the likely … [Read more...]

Standing to Invoke PSAs as a Foreclosure Defense

A major issue arising in foreclosure defense cases is the homeowner's ability to challenge the … [Read more...]

Treasury Official: “HAMP’s Incentives Meaningless” – SO, PROGRAM WASTED $560 MILLION?

Okay, that’s not the headline you’re going to see elsewhere on top of this story, chances are it’ll … [Read more...]

Homeowners Seek Help Today at Glendale Foreclosure Event

Editor’s Note: I recommend going, if nothing else to network with other homeowners. But … [Read more...]

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