August 23, 2017

CAR- California Assn. of Realtors Tries to Kill Homeowners Bill of Rights

  You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about the role of Realtors here, but now that the … [Read more...]

Video: Did the White House fudge the numbers on the Buffett Rule?

Inclusion and progressivity. The White House offered a white-board presentation on the need for the … [Read more...]

Welcome to Guestbloggers Bill Maurer and Stephen Rea

Credit Slips welcomes Bill Maurer as a guest blogger this week. Bill is NOT a lawyer! Isn't … [Read more...]

Homeless wi-fi hotspots: exploitation or inclusion?

Bummer. This is one of those concepts that sound great in theory but look awful in practice, kind of … [Read more...]

Heritage scholar: Our mandate wasn’t the one in ObamaCare now

Bad policy. For the last three years, domestic politics in the US has centered around the concept … [Read more...]

Will Obama veto the defense authorization bill?

And will Congress override him if he does? Is this really a conundrum?  Barack Obama has threatened … [Read more...]

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