July 24, 2017

Obama: You know what my problem is? Poor messaging

Uh huh. He needs to be more “inspiring” in his second term. That’s been the big … [Read more...]

President Obama, Bored With the Foreclosure Crisis. That Explains A Lot, Actually.

  Jean Braucher is the Roger C. Henderson Professor of Law at the University of Arizona law … [Read more...]

Obama: When I struggle, I just think of Jesus’ agony in the garden

"In this world you will have trouble." At a prayer breakfast this morning, President Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Arizona legislature moves toward curbing union abuses

Right to work, not to coast Last year we brought you up to date with the efforts of the Goldwater … [Read more...]

Should we have more debates in this primary cycle?

Take the poll! We have gone ten days without a Republican debate, and the estimable NRO writer … [Read more...]

Hey millennials, you don’t actually like to be miserable, do you?

Introducing the Youth Misery Index. Young America’s Foundation has released a useful tool to … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

You are my inspiration ... Politicians love to flatter audiences. They talk about what a great … [Read more...]

Lars Larson’s spot-on song parody: “I blame everyone, man”

Obama goes country. Too funny. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to condense all of the … [Read more...]

Cost of admission to the next party Obama’s throwing: $71,600

Priceless. The parties just keep coming. That BBQ spread followed by a star-studded conga line just … [Read more...]

Roseanne Barr: Palin’s stealing my act

"I wanted to edge her out." Looks like somebody is jealous. Former sitcom star Roseanne Barr, who … [Read more...]

The Bible, The Law and The Lawyers

Forget what you know about the Bible, in fact if you know anything at all about it, ignore your … [Read more...]

Pro Se Homeowner Wins Appeal On Post Dated Assignment!

WOW! What an inspiration; there are probably tens of thousands of cases filed across this country … [Read more...]


For all of you out there looking for hope and inspiration, for all of you yearning for some symbol … [Read more...]

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