July 24, 2017

A Brief History of Labor Day

HOW LABOR DAY CAME ABOUT; WHAT IT MEANS “Labor Day differs in every essential from the other … [Read more...]

Boehner: The president checked out last Labor Day

The president gets an "F" for effort? In a pre-recorded interview for CBS’ “This … [Read more...]

Palin’s smarter than people think, says — Ralph Nader

Three years late. Almost two weeks ago, I noted that the New York Times seemed shocked, shocked that … [Read more...]

Beyond the Obama-Hoffa kerfuffle

Connections. We all had fun skewering the progressive hypocrisy over Teamster honcho Jimmy Hoffa, … [Read more...]

Biden’s overlooked comment to organized labor

"You are the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate." Jimmy Hoffa’s canine remarks … [Read more...]

Hoffa at Obama rally: We need to take these tea party sons of bitches out

Happy Labor Day! Via Breitbart TV, this is Labor Day the way it should be — with a guy named … [Read more...]

Union board reverses ban on Republicans in parade

Plus, who was the creep at Messmer? Lots of news came out of Wisconsin today, all of it bad for … [Read more...]

Palin event on Labor Day weekend not a campaign launch?; Update: Rasmussen poll shows Palin losing to Obama by 17 points; Update: “Major announcement”?

A test of the system? After Sarah Palin showed up in Iowa the day before the Ames straw poll and … [Read more...]

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