June 24, 2017

It’s official: We are now $16 trillion in debt

Huzzah! Wait... what?! That. Just. Happened. There’s been a bit of waffling on when exactly it … [Read more...]

Looks like the Colorado detente is officially over

Back to the campaign grind. After learning of the terrible shooting in Colorado last Friday morning, … [Read more...]

WH website falsely claiming support from Catholic groups for HHS mandate

Out of date. Last Friday, the Catholic Health Association reversed a decision in February to support … [Read more...]

NYT: State tax revenues to hit 5-year highs

Looks like they're, er, doing fine. Barack Obama and his supporters complained bitterly in the wake … [Read more...]

Romney adviser: You “need time-lapse photography” to see the growth in the economy

"How big of a deal do you people plan to make of this?" As various Democrats have made plain, … [Read more...]

Can more government “heal the economy”?

Faith-based initiatives. So says E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post, who wonders why more Democrats … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Please don't stand so close to me. Consider this the Wisconsin recall edition OOTD.  At first, I was … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum on Leno: “We are going to have a Republican president”

United front. As promised, here’s the video of Rick Santorum appearing on The Tonight Show … [Read more...]

Debunking the latest from the New York Times on “smaller” government spending

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. The government is getting smaller under President Obama, … [Read more...]

Obama Prepares for War? | Executive Order – National Defense Resources Preparedness

Barack Obama Prepares for War Footing Last Friday, March 16, President Barack Obama may have quietly … [Read more...]

Another intellect we’ll miss: Political scientist and true scholar James Q. Wilson passes away

1931-2012. James Q. Wilson has been called “the smartest man in the United States,” … [Read more...]

Sussex NJ Family Wins Fight Against Regions Mortgage Foreclosure and Illegal Eviction

Sussex NJ Family Wins Fight Against Regions Mortgage Foreclosure and Illegal Eviction SUMMARY: An … [Read more...]

Notre Dame faculty calls Obama so-called accommodation “grave violation of religious freedom”

Sunday sermons blast Obama's HHS mandate. The Obama White House tried defusing the controversy over … [Read more...]

Thank You Wells Fargo… Signed the DOERS of Mandelman & Field

Hey DOERS… Good News Once Again, this time for Tom Stover & Jeneane Traynor-Stover (And … [Read more...]

Law of the Chicken

A headline from last Friday's BNA's Bankruptcy Law Reporter, which reports recent cases … [Read more...]

Gallup: About that unemployment number …

CBS isn't impressed, either. Last Friday’s unemployment rate drop of 0.4% to 8.6% gave the … [Read more...]

NLRB Chairman excoriates lone GOP member

GOP member willing to resign? National Labor Relations Board Chairman Mark Pearce is not happy with … [Read more...]

Bank of America SEC 10Q Filing – Servicing Matters and Foreclosure Processes: $1.3 Billion for Fraudclosure Delays (and more)

Was just looking through BAC’s 10Q Report that was filed last Friday and came up with the info … [Read more...]

DC next to crack down on Occupy protests?

Plus, Crowder takes command. It took an old woman getting shoved down the steps at the DC Convention … [Read more...]

NH Republicans to Rick Perry’s teasers: Sober up and stop giggling about his “animated” speech

One long hangover. Rick Perry was clearly feeling good last Friday when he laughed and joked to the … [Read more...]

Recently-resigned Bachmann staffers stingingly criticize her national team

"Some in the national team [were] rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel." When news … [Read more...]

South Carolina scoots its primary to Jan. 21, trumps Florida

Expected. Allah speculated this would happen last week, but South Carolina became the first of the … [Read more...]

Treasury market improves initially after downgrade?

When all other options look worse ... After last Friday’s S&P downgrade, people expected … [Read more...]

GOING UP… The Rising Bar of Homeowner Rage

It all started last Friday morning when a Broward County sheriff went to a townhouse to serve its … [Read more...]

Man Drives Car Through Bank of America’s Lobby – Police Investigate, Unsure of Motive

That’s a funny place to park. Elias Mercado, age 25, drove his Pontiac straight through the … [Read more...]

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