August 22, 2017

OCC Raises the Stakes to Lure Homeowners? Right?

  Okay, so please forgive me for saying so, but there’s something very smarmy about this … [Read more...]

Audio: Michael Moore covers “The Times They Are A-Changin’” for the new “Occupy” benefit album

Finally. Via CNS. Reasons to believe that this is real: The “Occupy This Album” benefit … [Read more...]

WhipCast: There’s an app for that

Award winning Last November, we told you about the launch of a new tool for political junkies … [Read more...]

URGENT DOER ALERT – Wells Fargo You’ve deceived, confused and beaten another senior into submission

 URGENT!  I NEED DOERS RIGHT NOW!   This is the story of Patricia Martin, 65 years old, … [Read more...]

What Shall We Tell Our Children, Mr. President?

Reposted from last November because I felt like it… It’s 4:00 AM.  I couldn’t … [Read more...]

Hawaii’s Legislature Poised to Pass Nation’s Strongest Foreclosure Protection Bill

American homeowners in all 50 states should take note that it was only last November when a group of … [Read more...]


What happened here in Jefferson County would turn out to be the perfect metaphor for the peculiar … [Read more...]

Banks Obviously in Trouble, 91 Banks Missed May Payments to Treasury

Reuters reported yesterday that 91 banks missed their May 17th TARP payments.  Under the TARP … [Read more...]

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