July 23, 2017

FTC Shuts Down Forensic Audit Scam that claims: 95% of mortgages may be legally unenforceable. (Where have I heard that before?)

      Just a few days ago, the FTC sent out the press release shown in its entirety … [Read more...]

Gawker’s mole at Fox News gets served with search warrant, under investigation for grand larceny

Corporate espionage? Via Drudge and Twitchy, just a reminder that your parents were right: what … [Read more...]

Virginia Republican: My wife won’t have sex with me thanks to the uproar over this ultrasound bill

"Used my patented cool move." I heard about this on Friday but ignored it on the assumption that he … [Read more...]

#OccupyWallStreet | A Message from the Democracy to the Plutocracy (VIDEO)

Viewer Discretion Advised Website: https://occupywallst.org/ WebCams/LiveStream: 1. … [Read more...]

Obligatory: The Rick Perry lip-reading clip

Comedy gold. Prediction: We’re going to get a roughly 50/50 split on this in the comments. … [Read more...]

Commander K and The Matrix…

A little off-topic post from a friend…. Commander K came by yesterday afternoon.  What a … [Read more...]

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