August 18, 2017

Essay | MERS is Dead: Long Live MERS

MERS is Dead: Long Live MERS Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) has generated … [Read more...]

CLARK vs LENDER PROCESSING SERVICES (LPS) | Thousands of Ohio Homeowners were Foreclosed on Improperly, Lawsuit Claims

“The defendants are Lender Processing Services of Jacksonville, Fla.; LPS Default Solutions of … [Read more...]

‘Champerty’ Case Heightens Judge’s ‘Sixth Sense’ That He Is Seeing ‘Dead Corporations’ Represented By ‘Dead Law Firms’

This dialogue was taken almost verbatim from Centurion Capital Corp. v. Guarino, 11117/05, NYLJ … [Read more...]

FAIL | PB Post – Two Years After Foreclosure Probe Launched, Bondi’s Investigation Winds Down

“Despite hundreds of foreclosure-related complaints against attorneys, not a single Florida … [Read more...]

The Better Business Bureau, the State Bar, Loan Mods & Lawyers in California

  For going on three years now I’ve watched the State of California more so than any other engage in … [Read more...]

Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates (FKA Florida Default Law Group) Under Investigation Over Fake Foreclosure Money

9 Investigates fake foreclosure money WFTV’s 9 Investigates looked into serious concerns about one … [Read more...]

‘Tsunami’ of Foreclosure (Fraud) Complaints Swamps Fla. Bar

“But while foreclosure fraud may be the most high-profile type of case following the collapse … [Read more...]

’Fortune 500’ of 1812 Shows U.S. Banks’ Early Influence

’Fortune 500’ of 1812 Shows U.S. Banks’ Early Influence Fortune magazine began publishing annual … [Read more...]

Deepthroat: Debt Collector Edition

The American Banker has been running an important series on credit card debt collection (here, here, … [Read more...]

Occupy Palm Beach Holding Teach-In on Fraudclosures w/ Lynn S. and Lisa E. (I’ll be there too)

Occupy Palm Beach Holding Teach-In on Fraudclosures OccupyOurHomes Thousands of homeowners … [Read more...]

Fraudclosure | Foreclosure Fraud Teach In w/ Lynn Szymoniak (VIDEO)

Teach-In on Foreclosure Fraud Part I Thousands of homeowners throughout Palm Beach County, and many … [Read more...]

Fraudclosure | Foreclosure Fraud Teach In w/ Lynn Szymoniak (VIDEO)

Teach-In on Foreclosure Fraud Part I Thousands of homeowners throughout Palm Beach County, and many … [Read more...]

Occupy Palm Beach Foreclosure Fraud Teach-In Sunday Jan 29 1-3pm

Sunday, Jan. 29, 1-3 p.m. Teach-In on Foreclosure Fraud Thousands of homeowners throughout Palm … [Read more...]

WMC Mortgage | GE Lending Unit Said to be Target of U.S. Probe for Selling Fraudulent Loans

GE Lending Unit Said to be Target of U.S. Probe At issue is whether WMC Mortgage knowingly wrote … [Read more...]

More Rot in the OCC Foreclosure Reviews

Michael Olenick, Gretchen Morgenson, and Yves Smith have all written pretty damning things about the … [Read more...]

UPDATE | Miriam Mendieta of Foreclosure Review Services (FRS) is NOT Leading the Review of 4.5 Million Fraudclosures

As promised to Jonathan Broder, founder of Foreclosure Review Services (FRS),, … [Read more...]

If They Get Away With This, The Amerikan Legal System is Doomed

The following are a collection of quotes from the court’s response to the ACLU lawsuit.  I … [Read more...]

The 4TH DCA Speaks- LAW FIRMS ARE ABOVE THE LAW! (Let the Lawlessness Continue!)

America is….a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy. Consumers and citizens cannot depend on any … [Read more...]

The Foreclosure Crisis Triggered The US National Credit Downfall

We all see firsthand the travesty and tragedy that is Fraudclosuregate every day we step into … [Read more...]

Home Sold in Foreclosure, Owner Has No Idea He’s In Foreclosure and He’s In The Military!

One of the most important concepts in our entire system of justice, whether criminal or civil is the … [Read more...]

Transcript From A Judge That Really “Get’s It”

Finally, a judge that finally is speaking freely about what happens in court every single … [Read more...]

The Fannie Mae/Ben Ezra Fiasco- Another Taxpayer Funded Divorce

Like many of you, I learned with dismay that Fannie Mae abruptly terminated its relationship with … [Read more...]

More Investigating of the Foreclosure Mills—SIGH

The Florida attorney general’s office has confirmed the names of three law firms added to its … [Read more...]

Attorneys Should Hold Private, Secret Hearings To Report Fraud….

I really think my head is going to explode.  It’s getting way past the point of being able to … [Read more...]

Homeowner Warning – Consumer Alert “Mass Joinder Lawsuit” Mailer

If you’ve received this mailer or been approached by a company that claims to be a law firm by … [Read more...]

Oral Arguments- The People of The State of Florida v. The Foreclosure Mills- 2/22/11

The battle lines are drawn, the issues are clear.  Florida’s Attorney General asserts that … [Read more...]

You’re Paying Millions of Dollars to Florida Foreclosure Mills Under Investigation..

It’s all just to obscene and disgusting to bear anymore…. Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, … [Read more...]


A stunning development has occurred in Lee County—a wave of cases are being dismissed.  This … [Read more...]


WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY?  First New Jersey’s Supreme Court Chief … [Read more...]

Response to Florida’s Attorney General Appeal in Foreclosure Mill Case

Florida’s new Attorney General is continuing in the epic battle on behalf of all Floridians in … [Read more...]

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