July 26, 2017

Bill Moyers | Sheila Bair on Keeping Banks Honest (VIDEO)

Sheila Bair on Keeping Banks Honest Bill talks with financial expert Sheila Bair about the … [Read more...]

The Treacherous Conduct of The United States Supreme Court- Green v. Biddle

There exists in this country today a pervasive form of lawlessness that manifests itself in most … [Read more...]

The 4TH DCA Speaks- LAW FIRMS ARE ABOVE THE LAW! (Let the Lawlessness Continue!)

America is….a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy. Consumers and citizens cannot depend on any … [Read more...]

Wall Street and The Anatomy of Financial Collapse

The financial, legal and court systems in this country are all crime scenes.  This dramatic and … [Read more...]

To get a sense of the lawlessness in Florida’s court-run foreclosure process, look no further than public records at the Sarasota and Manatee county courthouses.

There, on foreclosure documents open to everyone, is the evidence that at least one law … [Read more...]

ALERT! 2nd DCA Overturns Foreclosure Judgment Decision out of Lee County, Florida – Homeowner’s Case Valid

This was an expected decision. I think it's safe to say that the original decision entered by Judge … [Read more...]

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