July 21, 2017

Video: The obligatory “Jonathan Krohn now more or less a liberal” clip

Change. I can’t believe anyone’s grumbling at this kid for switching sides. He’s … [Read more...]

Study: Liberals, nonreligious much more likely to say they won’t vote for a Mormon than in 2007

Hmmmm. Wish I had time tonight to read through this study myself, but since I don’t, I’m … [Read more...]

Chuck Lane: Is anyone going to apologize for demonizing Scott Walker?

Tone. Based on Twitter reaction, I’m going to guess no. But he’s speaking rhetorically … [Read more...]

Audio: It’s time for Democrats to moderate on abortion, says … Jimmy Carter?

"I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions." Skip to 13:20 of the clip for … [Read more...]

Santorum: Let’s face it, Chris Christie’s not a conservative

CINO? We should get him a Hot Air comment account. He’d fit right in! “No, they … [Read more...]

On Founding Principles

I don't know about you but I am beside myself these days. I feel like I'm just watching our … [Read more...]

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