August 20, 2017

Where The Shadow Inventory Is: A Modern Day Children’s Story

Where The Shadow Inventory Is: A Home Seller’s Tale Real estate-minded people are abuzz with talk of … [Read more...]

Shadow Inventory | Palm Beach County Ranks Second for Vacant Homes

Palm Beach County ranks second for vacant homes New study excludes vacation and seasonal residences … [Read more...]

PB Post | Florida Carries Burden of 30 Percent of Nation’s Shadow Inventory

Florida carries burden of 30 percent of nation’s shadow inventory by Kim Miller The Sunshine State’s … [Read more...]

Thousands of Foreclosures in Limbo One Year After Stern Firm’s Collapse

Despite 377 complaints to the Florida Bar related to foreclosure fraud, not a single attorney has … [Read more...]

Ibanez- Mortgages and Pensions, Federalism and Class War

Follow the link below for commentary on some of the meaning behind Ibanez and the larger … [Read more...]

“Stuck”- The New American Normal

Probably nowhere is the fraudclosure scandal better encapsulated than in the case study of the … [Read more...]


Assume that the transaction is a single transaction. The investor (creditor) lends the homeowner … [Read more...]

Mortgage relief aid reaches few homeowners

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are in limbo waiting to find out if they will be accepted for … [Read more...]

TB&W in LIMBO: Thousands Affected

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker has been suspended from originating or underwriting FHA loans according … [Read more...]

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